RNA Interference

Arrowhead has licensed access to three different siRNA formats and advanced chemical modifications. This gives the Company broad flexibility to design, chemically tune, and develop RNA therapeutics that are optimized for each target. Arrowhead's RNAi intellectual property portfolio includes:

  • Non-exclusive license from Alnylam providing license to use canonical siRNAs in oncology, respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases and certain liver diseases. This includes a sub-license from Isis Pharmaceuticals giving Arrowhead license for siRNA chemical modifications for these specific disease areas
  • Non-exclusive license from City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center to Dicer substrate and Meroduplex siRNAs. The Dicer technology may provide advantages over canonical siRNAs in certain circumstances. In addition, different siRNA formats may trigger RNAi more or less efficiently on a target-by-target basis
  • Certain issued and filed patents on siRNA targets and methods
  • Certain patents on targeting siRNA drugs with antibodies and small molecules


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